Monday, June 8, 2009

OK, so my blog is up and its time to fill it. Let me start with a brief introduction into who I am.

My Name is Cormac McEvoy, I day dream.
I went (1994-1997) to Art & Design High School in NYC. Then (1997 - 2001) to Fashion Institute of Technology for a BFA in Illustration where I met my awesome Wife. After a few years of freelance I went back to F.I.T. and got a second BFA (2006-2008) majoring in Toy Design. During all this we had our daughter Moira who plays the part as the protagonist in my life and my childrens book. After school I moved to PA to work for the toy company SRM Entertainment, 6/16/09 will mark my first full year working here. While in PA we have had our son Eamonn who is already almost as big as I am.
OK so that was more resume then introduction,
I like Monsters and Robots and Mystery. I like Gadgets and Science and Space Men. I'm a fan of Celtic myth and general folk tales. I aim to be the best dad ever, and I still want to be a super hero. If forced to choose Pirate or Ninja, I'd pick Pirate as long as pirate-ninja wasn't an option.
I hope i can utilize this blog to covey who i am and what it is i do and if it doesn't work for everyone else then I hope it works for myself.

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Hugh said...

best of luck, mama!