Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Admiral Ackbar Eats

IT'S A ....!

:) win Cartoon Portrait to the first person who translates the character on the Saki bottle


Cormac said...

"I'ts a Fish Trap!"

My Artistic Muscle Building Synthpop Code Monkey photographer friend Seth Questor Was able to translate the Kanji via E-mail. Sir I'm Prepping to perfectly pen and print your personal propaganda poster promptly, patients please. :D

JAJAC said...

This is plain great. I really like this series. Is this a series? Weird/cool sci-fi single panel strips. Really funny.

Cormac said...

Well i think you suggested it 3J , enough people liked Modok, and its a nice simple sketch up. It's a calm change from the heavy rendered pieces that I keep getting hung up on. I have a bunch of themes in my head that i can put down for this series. Ya i guess it'll be a series :D