Thursday, March 18, 2010

Buddy PJC

At IAASA we recently got an E-mail back from one our customers.
He did such an awesome job on it that I am posting it here in its entirety.

"Hello I Am A Stuffed Animal,
I am Buddy 190. I was laid off recently and thought I would let you know how I’m doing since so many have asked about me since being let go. Well, I’m doing good and thought I’d give you a snapshot of a typical day in my unemployed life.
First, I start the day with a delicious cup of joe:
Then I go online to search for jobs, with an occasional stop at Netflix to stream a movie:
I usually get a morning workout in:
Don’t forget cardio:
I then cool down while jamming my iPod:
And of course have to feed the muscle tissue:
Now that I have energy, I tackle the white stuff:
Of course, I sneak in a nap with my cat:
Before hitting the shower:
And heading to a job interview:
I usually end the day by having one too many and passing out on the bathroom floor where my wife wakes me up the next morning to start it all over again:
Thank you all for your support and have a great day,
pjc "

Thanks Man, Keep it up

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JAJAC said...

LOL Yes sir LOL indeed.